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Difference between Toned Milk & Full Cream Milk

September 03, 2018 0
Difference between Toned Milk & Full Cream Milk
Difference between Toned Milk & Full Cream Milk

Milk is precious commodity. It is wholesome, provides a lot of necessary nutrients, and to top it all off it is delicious. Milk is available nearly everywhere, though it may differ in the types of milk available. The most common type of milk, i.e. the one most commonly consumed is cow milk. The second most common is buffalo milk, followed by goat, sheep, camel, donkey, horse, reindeer and yak. In addition to these, there are is also milk that is artificially produced, rather than being sourced from animals, such as almond, soya, as well as rice.

  • Single toned milk: Adding skimmed milk powder and water to whole milk makes single toned milk. It has about 3% fat and minimizes body’s absorption of cholesterol from the milk. It contains almost the same nutrition as whole milk except the fat-soluble vitamins. One glass of toned milk provides around 120 calories.
  • Double toned milk: This milk is obtained by adding skimmed milk powder to whole milk and has about 1.5% fat content. Double toned milk is ideal for those trying to maintain weight as it keeps the calorie intake under control and also helps in weight loss.

  • Full cream milk: Full cream milk, also called whole milk is usually given to children, teenagers and body builders. This milk is called so because it contains all the milk fat without adding or removing anything. It is collected from the dairy herd and it undergoes various processing techniques like pasteurization to kill potentially harmful bacteria before it reaches the general public. One glass would generally contain 3.5% milk fat, which provides about 150 calories. Full cream milk is also creamier and full of flavour.


    Toned Milk

    Full Cream Milk


    Typically buffalo milk that has been toned down using skim milk, powdered skim milk, and water.

    Whole milk or full cream milk is milk as it, i.e. it hasn’t been manipulated in any way.


    Skim milk, powdered skim milk, water, Buffalo Milk

    Pure (cow or buffalo) Milk


    Less Calories. 150 cal in one cup.

    More Calories. 285 cal in one cup.

    Fat content

    Less Fat, about 3%

    More Fat. Most fat as compared to all types of milk. 7-8% in Full Cream Buffalo Milk. 3.5% in Full Cream Cow Milk.

    Type of fats

    Less saturated fats which can increase your levels of cholesterol.

    More saturated fats which can increase your levels of cholesterol.


    Less protein per glass

    More protein in per glass


    Less calcium per glass

    More calcium per glass

    Health benefits of milk:

    1. Milk is rich in calcium and helps in maintaining bone density.
    2. Milk contains vitamin A, important for regulating cell growth and integrity of the immune system and helps maintaining normal vision and skin.
    3. It helps in development and maintenance of healthy teeth.
    4. Provides a boost of energy.

      Now that you know the benefits of milk, do remember to make it a part of your regular diet.
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